Warmbat Slippers

Warmbat slippers uses 100% Merino sheep wool in its boots, slippers and slippers.

What kind of furs does Warmbat use?

Warmbat uses 100% original Australian Merino sheep wool, this top quality wool is selected for its density, strength and fine wool quality. It retains its shape, is soft and lightweight and naturally regulates temperature and moisture. The wool fibers "breathe" and keep your feet at the right temperature. These fibers are hollow and can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture, so that it does not feel damp. This quality makes the wool moisture regulating, so that the moisture that arises is removed in a natural way and therefore also decreases the chance of sweaty feet. See also our article on "Why do you get sweaty feet" Regardless of the weather conditions, wool is a natural insulator in winter, because the air between the fibers traps body heat. This is in contrast to synthetic imitation wool, which is often cheaper but often mistakenly sold as "sheepskin shoes or slippers". Wool also naturally contains "lanolin" which is wool fat and this moisturizes your feet in a natural way. A limited number of people are allergic to lanolin. You can still wear woolen slippers by, for example, keeping your socks on.

Wool grease or lanolin is also often used in various creams because it penetrates well into the stratum corneum. This is also often used by nursing mothers to treat cracked nipples.

Warmbat slippers are made from residual products from the Australian food industry. The breeders of these sheep are governed by Australian law.

Warmbat slippers are timeless, lightweight, durable, warm and comfortable. The soles mainly consist of Rubber/Eva or Rubber.TPR.

How do Warmbat slippers size fit?

We often get the question how the Warmbat slippers fit. It is best to keep your normal shoe size for the Warmbat slippers. Sheepskin will flatten over time and often stretch a bit. They are a bit tighter in the beginning. Don't take them too big, because they will run out and crush and you will slip out later. Warmbat has compiled a size chart for an indication of the size to be ordered, which you can find with the Warmbat slippers and shoes.








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