Moths like to lay their eggs in dark places where they will not be disturbed, such as your wardrobe. The moth thrives best at a temperature of about 24 degrees and a humidity of around 75%. Propagation can be stopped when the room temperature falls below 15 degrees or above 30 degrees. Incidentally, it is not the moths that eat holes in the clothing, but the larvae of the clothing moth. A moth can lay 50 to 90 eggs within 4 weeks.

The wingspan of the moth is about 10 to 15 mm, the butterfly is light brown in color, the caterpillars are whitish with a brown head and are 7-9 mm long.

Clothing moths love to choose textiles of animal origin, such as wool, cashmere, mohair, feathers, fur or silk. But they also like linen and cotton.

But how do we prevent a moth infestation?

Clothes should always be washed back in the wardrobe, so do not hang clothes that you have worn for a longer period of time. Always wash clothes that you do not wear in a certain season and hang them clean in your closet

The moth dislikes fragrances such as lavender, cedarwood or walnut leaf. You can get these fragrances in the form of essential oils, cedar pieces, or sachets. You can also hang soaps between your clothes, the moth is also not served by that.

Air out your wardrobe regularly, open the doors wide and let the light in, because moths hate bright spots.

Place a screen in your board so that the moths can't fly in so quickly.

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