Why do my wool socks break so quickly?
Wool socks are wonderfully warm, especially with the cold winter weather. We have many customers who buy new wool socks season after season and are very enthusiastic about it.

However, sometimes we get a complaint that the wool socks are broken so quickly. How is it that?

This can have several causes:

Coarse heels/calluses that make it more abrasive.
This is easily prevented by using a special foot cream. the Saicara foot repair cream. With this you quickly get smooth soft heels. And you keep them soft by rubbing them daily with Saicara foot balm.

Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose.
It sounds contradictory, but shoes that are too tight and/or loose cause socks problems. Shoes that are too tight cause tension on your socks, if you wear them every day they wear out extra hard.

Shoes that are too loose cause a lot of friction, your socks rub back and forth through your shoes and this also makes them wear extra hard. The best are shoes that give enough room for your toes, but where you do not slide in the shoe.

Too long toenails
Having toenails that are too long is disastrous for woolen socks. Your toenails rub against the wool fibers from the inside, causing them to break. Make sure you trim your toenails regularly, and also trim the edges well, file sharp edges if necessary.

Walking in your socks.
What a lot of people do is kick off their shoes after a long working day and continue walking in your socks. Your socks are neither shoes nor slippers. If you regularly wear socks at home, they will also wear out sooner, especially on carpeting they wear extra hard.


It may be that you do not wear woolen socks in the summer, they will remain in the closet until winter time has come again. Even if you have only worn your socks for a short time, never put them back in your sock drawer or closet unwashed, this applies to all types of clothing by the way. Moths love residual odors and like to lay their eggs on it. The larvae love that and eat your socks and clothes nicely, they also love dark places.

Always wash your socks and clothes before you put them in your closet or hang them, even if you have only worn them for a short time, also regularly leave your closet doors wide open, moths hate light.

Mothballs also help, but these give off a very pungent smell. An alternative is cedar wood. Various articles of cedar wood against moths can be found on the internet.

Wash your socks too hot and dry them in the dryer

Wool socks are best washed with the washing machine on a special wool wash program at a maximum of 30 degrees and wool is certainly not allowed in the dryer. It also applies to other types of socks that they were not too hot and preferably not in the dryer, fibers wear out much faster due to the heat.

It remains difficult to pinpoint the cause directly.

One walks more in a day than the other, a combination of the aforementioned causes.

Wool is nice and warm and soft and does not give sweaty feet, but is also more vulnerable than polyester socks.

Perhaps a solution could be socks made of wool, but with a lower percentage of wool.

The more wool, the more wear you get.


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