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Comfortable, lightweight and durable slippers
Today, Warmbat stands for the timeless slipper; warm, cool and above all comfortable. Comfort is the starting point of every Warmbat. Sheep wool is soft, resilient and naturally temperature-regulating. The fibers "breathe" and are therefore a natural thermostat for your feet. The fibers are hollow, and can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling damp. This quality makes the wool moisture-regulating, so that any moisture that may have arisen is discharged to the outside air in a natural way. Regardless of the weather. In winter, sheepskin is a natural insulator, because the air between the fibers traps your body heat. This is in contrast to the synthetic fleece material often used in low-cost alternatives, which are often mistakenly marketed as "sheepskin shoes". In addition, sheepskin contains lanolin, which moisturizes your feet in a natural way for extra comfort.

What kind of sheepskin do we use?
Warmbat Australia uses 100% original Australian Merino sheep wool. This top quality sheep wool is selected for density, strength, and fine wool quality. Merino sheepskin is the best choice for our home shoes for many reasons. The wool is very dense and keeps its shape. It is soft and lightweight and is therefore the perfect material for the Warmbats. The slipper has a durable anti-slip comfort sole. This is shock-absorbing and wear-resistant.

Warmbat slippers are made from the best natural materials and produced according to the highest quality standards. Warmbat slippers are comfortable, durable and timeless.




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