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Bamboo ladies underwear

Discover the benefits of bamboo underwear now! Our underwear is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable and absorbent. It is made of 95% bamboo and 5% elastane, which provides extra comfort and flexibility. In addition, our Bamboo underwear has thermo control, which means that you are protected against the heat in the summer and against the cold temperatures in the winter.

With Bamboo underwear you not only contribute to your own comfort, but also to a better future. By using the benefits of bamboo as a raw material for textiles, we reduce the burden on the environment and leave a positive impact. Order your Bamboo underwear now and experience the difference!

Organic cotton ladies underwear

Organic cotton in less polluting than normally produced cotton, more consideration is given to people, nature and it is vegan. It is also stated that less water is used in the production of organic cotton. When growing organic cotton, at least 62% less energy is used than with conventional cotton.

No chemicals are used in the production of organic cotton and the soil is not exhausted, so that the soil can be used for other crops. Another plus point is that underwear made of organic cotton feels very soft.


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