Sweaty feet

Why do my feet perspire?

The sweating of feet is the most normal thing in the world.
Sweat glands are meant to regulate our body temperature, a complex natural form of air conditioning. When certain parts of the body become too warm, the sweat glands secrete perspiration and coolness is created by its evaporation. Sweat is therefore a natural process.

Our hands and feet contain the most sweat glands (350 to 370 sweat glands per m². Hands perspire just as much as feet, but hands are better ventilated, because they are in the open air more than your feet. Within 24 hours your feet separate about 1 centilitre moistened.

Why do sweaty feet smell so bad?

You don't smell fresh sweat. It starts to smell unpleasant if it can't evaporate and is locked in socks and shoes for a while. The smell of sweat is caused by lactic acid bacteria on the skin. The typical sweat odor is therefore caused by the breakdown of bacterial products and processes and not by the sweat itself.

During the menopause and puberty, sweat starts to smell extra unpleasant, which has to do with changes in the hormone balance. The sweaty feet of babies and children are virtually odorless.

You now understand that feet that are locked in warm shoes all day and cannot evaporate properly, which can cause a pungent sweat odor.

Tips against sweaty feet and the smell of sweat.

1. Walk barefoot or in open shoes as much as possible. If that is not always possible, wear shoes with a high leather content. Leather can regulate the perspiration of the feet and thus you create an optimal foot climate.

Woolen slippers also have these positive wearing properties and have an extremely good moisture regulation.

2. Allow shoes and slippers to air regularly so that the absorbed moisture can evaporate.

3. Wear socks as much as possible and preferably made of natural materials. In connection with hygiene and the foot climate, it is better to wear socks in closed shoes, preferably made of wool or cotton. Running socks are also suitable, for example, because they have the property of transporting moisture to the outside

4. Put on clean socks every day, even if they don't smell bad yet.

5. Wash socks at 60℃, this obviously does not apply to woolen socks.
For woolen socks, only hand wash with a wool wash program at 30℃ applies. For woolen socks you can use a wool detergent, but do not use fabric softener. Never dry wool in a tumble dryer, but rather let it dry outside, not even on a heater.

If you can't get the sweat smell out of your socks, put them in natural vinegar overnight and wash them the next day as described above. Never use soda with woolen socks!

Wool felted slippers can also be washed with the same conditions as wool socks. We advise not to wash sheepskin slippers in a washing machine and preferably not by hand. It is better to air it regularly and spray it with Collonil Odor Cleaner to kill the odor and remaining bacteria.

6. Wash your feet regularly. It is best to do this in the morning with warm water and soap and rinse with cold water. Dry well also between the toes.

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