Find the right shoe and slipper size

Shoes and slippers must especially fit! Because only if your shoes/slippers are the right size, do they provide the best wearing comfort and support the health of the feet. That's why you'll find step-by-step instructions here to find the right slipper size for you or your child! So you are well equipped to wear the perfect slippers on your feet soon!

Why the shoe/slipper size is important: this is what you should pay attention to
Anyone who has ever had to walk around with slippers that are too small or too big knows that shoes and slippers are only really comfortable if they fit well. So why are so many of us still wearing the wrong size shoes or slippers?

In fact, it is often not so easy to see which size is needed. This is in no small part due to the fact that shoe and slipper sizes can vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is possible that the usual size fits one brand, but suddenly no longer fits another manufacturer.

Unfortunately, many simply do not even notice when the shoes/slippers are not optimally tailored. In any case, it is important that the feet have enough room to roll naturally. The shoes/slippers should not be too small or too big for this. After all, healthy walking should not be hindered. In concrete terms, this means that the shoes/slippers ...

... the foot must not be pinched ,
... but the foot should not have to much room in the slipper either

The material is also crucial to the fit of the shoe. Always rely on natural materials such as soft fleece wool or soft leather, which are flexible enough to adapt to the foot!

The rule is: the shoe/slipper should adapt to the foot and not the foot to the shoe/slipper!


That's why the right slipper / shoe size for children is so important
Especially at a young age it is important that the feet are optimally stimulated in their natural movement. And that only works if the first shoes/slippers are the right size! If the children walk around with shoes/slippers that are too small or too big, it can not only cause misalignment of the foot, but also affect the entire musculoskeletal system!

While in the beginning it is best for little ones to explore the world barefoot, later on on cold floors or outdoors appropriate footwear should be worn

How do I measure my shoe size? - Our step-by-step guide
To ensure that the shoes/slippers fit properly, the foot must be measured accurately! Don't worry, this is not difficult at all and can be done quickly. Here we show you step by step how to get the ideal shoe size:

Step 1: Stand barefoot on a flat surface with the heel against the wall.
Step 2: Place a ruler next to your foot so that it also touches the wall.
Step 3: Now read the length of your foot on the tip of your toe and write down the value.
Step 4: Compare the measured value with the size chart listed with most slippers and find your shoe size.

To ensure that the measurement is always successful and that you get an exact value, we have a few more tips:

In any case, you need to measure the foot while standing so that it is fully loaded with the body weight. While sitting or squatting, the value may be slightly falsified.
The value is best determined in the afternoon or evening , because the feet are always a little swollen during the day from walking. This reduces the chance of shoes that are too small.
If your foot is in between sizes, we recommend the larger shoe size!
If your feet are different sizes, use the larger foot as a guideline.

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