To the frequently asked question: how do I wash a woolen garment? you will find the answer here.

A woolen garment does not need to be washed as often. After all, wool is self-cleaning and that is why it is best to air a worn woolen garment on a hanger. We advise you not to hang worn woolen clothing, even if it has been aired, back in the closet between normal washed clothing. You don't want moths in your wardrobe. Moths are attracted to worn clothing and love to lay their eggs on worn garments made of animal fabrics, but they also like cotton or linen. Also read our blog about "Why do I get moths in my wardrobe".

If you do decide to wash it, follow these simple steps: wash the wool garment inside out on a special wool wash program at a maximum of 30 degrees, use a wool detergent without fabric softener and avoid hard spinning.

Large garments are best left to dry lying on a dry towel to keep their shape. It is best to line dry small items of clothing such as woolen socks.

Never use a dryer, this can damage the fabric. You can also wash it by hand in soapy water with wool detergent. Thanks to this careful treatment, you will enjoy your woolen garment for years to come.

Whether you want to wash a wool sweater, cardigan, tie, scarf, hat, baby clothes or any other woolen garment, with this wool detergent, you are always in the right place.

Tip: Order the wool detergent together with the purchase of your woolen clothing, then you will receive it immediately and you will be assured of the right detergent for wool.

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